What is an 8-32 Tap Drill Size

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Most people know that a tap is used to create threads in a drilled hole. But did you know that there are different size taps for different-sized holes? And that the size of the tap drill correlates to the thread count of the resulting threads? In this blog post, we’ll dive into everything you need to know about 8-32 taps, including what they’re used for and what size tap drill you’ll need. So whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, read on to learn more.

What is an 8-32 Tap Drill Size?

The 8-32 tap drill size is a standard size for tapping threads in metal, plastic, or wood. This size tap is used for creating internal threads in a hole that is 2mm in diameter. The tap drill size is determined by the size of the thread that will be created. In this case, the 8-32 tap will create a thread that is 8mm in diameter and has 32 threads per inch. 

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When selecting a tap drill size, it is important to consider the type of material being tapped, as well as the desired tolerances for the finished thread. In general, a larger tap drill size will result in a looser fit, while a smaller tap drill size will create a tighter fit.

What Are the Uses of an 8-32 Tap Drill Size?

An 8-32 tap drill size is a tool that is used to create threads in a hole that has already been drilled. This tap drill size is most commonly used for creating threads in small holes for screws that are 8-32 in diameter. The tap drill size is selected based on the diameter of the screw being used so that the threads will fit together snugly. 

In addition to their use for screws, 8-32 tap drill sizes can also be used for other purposes such as attaching hangers or picture frame hooks to a wall [1]. 

What Size of Drill Bit Do You Need for an 8-32 Tap?

The size of the drill bit you need for an 8-32 tap depends on the type of metal you are tapping. For soft metals like aluminum, you will need a smaller drill bit, while harder metals like steel will require a larger drill bit. The 8-32 tap is a relatively small tap, so you won’t need a very large drill bit regardless of the type of metal you are working with. In general, a 0.136-inch drill bit should be sufficient for most applications. 

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However, it’s always best to err on the side of caution and use a slightly larger drill bit just to be safe. If you make the hole too big, you can always use a smaller tap to get the correct size. But if you make the hole too small, you won’t be able to tap it at all.


An 8-32 tap drill size is a tool that helps you create screw threads in a hole. This size is common for taps, particularly in the United States. The drill size is measured in inches, and it refers to the diameter of the bit that will be used with the tap. When using this size, make sure that your hole is slightly bigger than the recommended diameter to ensure proper threading.

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