14mm Tap Drill Size — Your Quick Guide

Tap drill size is the diameter of the hole that is drilled before tapping threads into the hole. This size is related to the size of the tap and will vary depending on the type of tap being used. In this article, our engineers will discuss the 14mm tap drill size.

The Benefits of Using a 14mm Tap Drill Size

Using a 14mm tap drill size has several benefits. First, it allows for more precision when drilling. This size is typically used for smaller, more intricate jobs such as creating threads in tiny screws, nuts, and other components.

Second, it helps to reduce the risk of breaking the tap or ruining the material that is being tapped. This is because the 14mm size allows for less pressure to be applied, reducing the risk of damage.

Choosing the tap according to hole size requirement

How to Use the 14mm Tap Drill Size

Using a 14mm is relatively straightforward. First, mark the center of the hole. Next, use a drill bit that is the same size as the tap drill size to drill the hole.

Finally, use the tap and turn it clockwise to create the threads in the hole. Be sure to use the correct amount of pressure so that the threads are created properly.

What Drill Bit Size to Use For a 14mm Tap?

The drill bit size for a 14mm tap is 14mm. This is because the tap drill size is the same as the tap size.


The 14mm tap drill size is a great choice for creating threads in smaller components. It is a precise size that helps to reduce the risk of damaging the material or tap while drilling. Using the 14mm size is straightforward and can help to ensure that the threads are created correctly.

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